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Mcc Honduras

The presence of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in Honduras started in 1980 at the request of the Honduran Mennonite Church in their work with Salvadoran refugees in the western part of the country. Along with sending material resources, MCC personnel from other Central American countries visited to support the Honduran Mennonite Church’s work with the refugees. MCC placed workers in Honduras in late 1981 to assist in the construction of housing at the new Mesa Grande refugee camp near San Marcos de Ocotepeque in western Honduras.

As the refugee program phased out in the late 1980s, MCC began to accompany other longer-term community development projects in different parts of Honduras through a variety of partners.

Hurricane Mitch, in late October of 1998, brought profound changes to MCC Honduras. Responding to a tremendous influx of funds from the Mennonite churches, MCC personnel and program drastically increased. For the next several years, MCC directed much of its efforts to housing reconstruction and relief efforts.

Currently, MCC Honduras is supporting local partners with a focus on children and family education, migration, rural agricultural development, and violence prevention and peacebuilding. Service workers are seconded to partner organizations in different parts of the country, supporting their work and initiatives and are involved in local churches.